Alkaen AUD 150,00 AUD
  • Kesto: 1 Päivät (noin)
  • Paikka: Arcadia, QLD
  • Tuotekoodi: FirstAid

During this First Aid course you will go through many aspects of providing First Aid, including:

  • State/Territory regulations, first aid codes of practice and workplace procedures including
  • Legal, workplace and community considerations 
  • Principles and procedures for first aid management of the following scenarios:
    o abdominal injuries
    o allergic reaction
    o anaphylaxis
    o basic care of a wound
    o bleeding control
    o burns
    o cardiac conditions, including chest pain
    o choking and airway obstruction
    o crush injuries
    o diabetes
    o dislocations
    o drowning
    o envenomation
    o environmental impact, including hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration and heat stroke
    o eye and ear injuries
    o fractures
    o febrile convulsions
    o head, neck and spinal injuries
    o minor skin injuries
    o needle stick injuries
    o poisoning and toxic substances
    o respiratory distress, including asthma
    o seizures, including epilepsy
    o shock
    o soft tissue injuries, including strains and, sprains
    o stroke
    o unconsciousness
  • Basic anatomy and physiology relating to:
    o how to recognise a person is not breathing normally
    o chest
    o response/consciousness
    o upper airway and effect of positional change
    o considerations in provision of first aid for specified conditions

The First Aid course is a full day course and is run on demand and is available most days.